The Wannier Lab will will open in the Summer of 2021.

Please get in touch to chat about science, plan collaborations, or look to the future of microbial synthetic biology!

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Bacterial Recombineering

The lab will use this powerful technology to transform the way that researchers study bacterial genetics. We are experts in developing recombineering and related genome editing technologies in new microbes. See the Resources page for a growing list of bacteria for which we have characterized recombineering tools that enable high-throughput genomics. We are interested in collaborating broadly, and in recruiting students and postdocs who have a broad interest in pursuing microbial synthetic biology applications using these tools.

See a Primer I co-wrote for Nature Reviews on Recombineering and MAGE for a full discussion of recombineering technology and its potential to revolutionize the study and engineering of microbes.

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Antibiotic Resistance

We are using high-throughput genetic tools based on recombineering technology to study the ways in which pathogenic bacteria develop resistance to clinical antibiotics. We are asking how antibioitic resistance differs across bacterial clades and what strategies can be taken to minimize the development of multi-drug resistance. We have interest in diverse pathogens, and are looking to collaborate with clinical microbiology labs for screens of important genes and alleles relevant to infection and disease.

Several proof of concept studies have been conducted in which we have used recombineering-based tools to gain insights into drug resistance.

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