We have deposted plasmid resources onto Addgene that are freely available for academic research. Please reach out to discuss licensing our technology for commerical purposes.
Recombineering Plasmid Resources
Free to academics, licensable by industry.

We have characterized a growing list of plasmid vectors that contain recombineering tools that we encourage microbiology labs to make use of. Contact us with any questions about protocols or advice for experimental design.


Recombineering tools available for:
Fluorescent Protein Plasmid Resources
Free to all

We have available a set of engineered monomeric far-red fluorescent proteins. Monomers mKelly1, mKelly2, and mGinger1 were engineered from the dimeric mCarindal and HcRed. They can also be found conveniently on Addgene.


RFPs engineered from:

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